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Equipment Installation

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Survey and Layout

JPI understands the importance of precision survey and layout. We work with you to establish perfect center lines and elevations for all of your operating systems, equipment and building specifications. Our abilities include complete plant layout or evaluation of existing center lines and movement. Stability and proper alignment are critical factors that ensure the production of superior products and boost overall performance.

Foundations and Concrete

Our experienced team can offer numerous commercial concrete and foundation applications to include new or existing projects, full excavation services, repairs, slabs, trenches, equipment pits, saw cutting (up to 24′ deep), core drilling (up to 48″ diameter), anchors, crack injections and grouting.


J. Poli, Inc. has mastered the skills in various crafts to disconnect, disassemble, move, reassemble, align, connect and assist in the startup or relocation of your equipment. Additionally, we can prepare all necessary improvements to the facility to accommodate your needs. Our experience and unsurpassed attention to detail makes us your best choice for your sensitive equipment that only an expert should handle. JPI’s rigging capabilities: 400 tons per unit.

Structural Steel

Using an entire fleet of company owned cranes and rigging equipment, J. Poli, Inc. fabricates, installs and erects various structural steel components. JPI has successfully maneuvered major steel buildings, work platforms and complete structures from the ground up.

Setting and Alignment

To help you maximize productivity and profitability, JPI has invested in the most advanced precision measurement and laser equipment to keep your shafts and couplings in perfect alignment. As modern millwrights, we bring back the lost art of precision alignment and offer preventative and reliability practices to stop equipment malfunctions before they happen and keep you running steadily.

Utility and Process Piping

J. Poli, Inc. offers expert utility and process piping services for various industries. JPI has the ability to design, fabricate, erect, test, and inspect power, water, gas, and auxiliary service piping systems for industrial institutional plants. We have successfully installed full piping system into several major new and existing plants and offer reliability maintenance to keep your processes flowing.


J. Poli, Inc. offers professional onsite fabrication services as needed to adhere to your project requirements. Processes include, but are not limited to structural steel, jack beams, guards, enclosures, prototypes and expert field engineering.

Conveyors, Robotics, Production Lines

J. Poli, Inc. has extensive experience with new installs and modification of the most advanced conveyor systems such as those used by UPS Corp. Modern manufacturing requires precision production lines and JPI can set up, relocate or design the lines necessary to enhance production. We are experts at robotic installation and have proudly partnered with several glass, steel and automotive industries that utilize these impressive technologies. As always, we take pride in our ability to perform and safety comes first.

Plant Relocations, Decommissioning

JPI has a proven history of providing various steel, print and solar plants with strictly controlled relocation and decommissioning services. We specialize in cleaning, dismantling and rigging of equipment and structures, as well as demolition and recovery of re-useable equipment.

We are proven experts in plant and warehouse relocations, reorganizations, expansions and consolidations including consulting, planning, dismantling, transport and re-erection of entire facilities or individual production lines. We employ the highest levels of health, safety, environment and budget requirements on every project.


J. Poli, Inc. (JPI) is a proven leader of precision and high tech equipment transportation. Our experienced modern millwrights incorporate years of complex rigging service toward the packaging, relocation and installation of your equipment that only a qualified team can properly execute. JPI uses the most advanced packaging and transport services available to ensure your sensitive equipment arrives on location in a timely and professional manner. JPI offers this unique service to our partners locally or across the globe.

JPI firmly understands that reliability and preventive maintenance is a philosophy that strives to achieve a competitive advantage through enhanced asset performance. This philosophy focuses on processes and systems that reduce the overall cost to maintain and operate new and existing assets and extend the life of aging assets. It is paramount for every company to invest in the required maintenance of all structural and operational components to ensure continued productivity. J. Poli, Inc. is proud to assist our many partners in their quest to increase profitability and reduce unwarranted costs by offering qualified maintenance programs.


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