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Customer Testimonials

Daniel G. Hennessy
Sr. Vice President Manufacturing Division
Latrobe Specialty Steel

October of 2007, Latrobe Specialty Steel embarked on a major capital investment project with the construction of a $50 million facility to increase the company?s melting capabilities. This project was not only very important to the long term success of Latrobe Specialty Steel, it was also vitally important to the national security of the United States as evidenced by the project receiving the US Government?s ?DX? rating. Due to the fast tracked nature of this project, Latrobe Specialty Steel awarded the project construction in phases. It was important that LSS chose partners for this project that were responsive, reliable, and professional with workmanship of the highest quality.

LSS chose J. Poli, Inc. as a Partner to assist us with this vital and complex project. Despite numerous challenges and hurdles including winter weather, delayed deliveries of critical components, and an internal work stoppage, LSS produced our first melt on September 26, 2008 on time and on budget. LSS thanks J Poli for the hard work and skillful efforts that your team put forth. Simply stated, LSS would not have been successful without the efforts of your organization. For that, we are thankful and appreciative to you and the people of your organization.

The successful nature of our undertaking was recognized by the Association of Iron and Steel Technology on March 1, 2010 as LSS was awarded the AIST Project Excellence Award. The AIST awards are given ?To recognize, through peer review, the active leadership and significant contributions of individuals or companies to AIST and the global iron and steel industry.? We share this award with you, recognizing that J. Poli was an integral part of our team and significantly contributed to our success.

As we have in the past, LSS looks forward to partnering with J. Poli in future endeavors. LSS and J Poli have built a strong working partnership and relationship so important for the success of companies competing in today?s global marketplace. We look forward to maintaining that relationship. Once again, thank you for your partnership.

Frank L. Perryman
President and Chief Executive Officer

I am writing to express my gratitude for all of the support that J. Poli, Inc. has given to the Perryman Company. The variety and quality of services provided to us over the last three years, in which we invested over $100 million in expansions, met and exceeded our expectations. Your team took on the challenges of working from a green field site and successfully performed the tasks of foundation construction, major equipment rigging and installations, vacuum piping and systems welding.

New site installation can always be fraught with cost overruns by underestimating installations. We valued the fact that J. Poli, Inc. spent the time to become intimate with the project, resulting in on-budget and on-time results. J. Poli employees respect the facilities they enter from a cleanliness and work rules standpoint, and left our facilities clean and safe each day, an important item in round-the-clock operations. They are truly out-of-the-box thinkers who solve unique installation problems with a can-do attitude. This is the type of partner that everyone wants on their team. We look forward to working with J. Poli, Inc. on future projects at Perryman!

Project Manager
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation

I have retained J. Poli Inc. for various construction projects over the last 5 years. As a Project Manager for a major Specialty Steel producer with multiple locations in the Western Pennsylvania area, I need to be able to work with contractors who understand mill conditions and are willing to work with me throughout the course of a project. J. Poli is a company I have challenged many times with time critical schedules, less than desirable work hours, and minimal design information and they have always been able to meet or exceed my expectations. I have always been impressed with their commitment to safety and have used them as a ?Poster Child? for other contractors coming on site for our projects. My recent project was rebuilding a 500? long tunnel furnace and I greatly appreciated how the J. Poli Team jumped in and worked closely with and supported the refractory abatement contractor, bricklayers and electricians to aid in the overall project being very successful. When managing projects at multiple locations, having quality lead foremen is the only way a project is going to be successful, and that has never been a problem with J. Poli Inc.

I have no reason not to consider J. Poli for any further millwright, ironwork, pipefitting or carpenter work that I may have in future projects and would highly recommend them to others.

Tom Moon
FAB Logistics Inc.

FAB Logistics was introduced to J. Poli in 2007 by a mutual customer in the high-tech industry. Our company?s niche is global relocation and logistics management for high-tech capital equipment and machinery.

We began our relationship with J. Poli at the end of 2007 with a small but critical project to relocate a high-value, climate-controlled and time-sensitive piece of equipment from Pennsylvania to Europe. The project was a success, and we found working with your company to be very satisfying.

In 2009, our company was awarded a large factory closure logistics project in Pittsburgh, and we teamed with
J. Poli to execute the removal of hundreds of pieces of machinery and instruments, laboratory equipment, facilities hardware, and even furniture. The project ran for roughly ten months. As with the previous project, the client was very satisfied and the project was deemed a success.

In addition, while the factory closure was underway, we worked together for a rigging project in Maryland for the U.S. Dept of Defense, to relocate a high-profile and sophisticated machine (also climate sensitive), at both origin and destination federal government facilities. The feedback from the client was again very positive.

Here are a few comments I?d like to share about our experience working as a partner with J. Poli.

J. Poli is an extremely trustworthy and competent partner
J. Poli?s personnel are well trained, professional, and reliable
Problem-solving to meet clients? logistical needs is a strength of your company
J. Poli?s foremen & personnel work very well with clients and other onsite contractors
Your personnel perform in a safe manner consistently
The machinery rigging experience J. Poli brings to our projects is a vital asset to us
Working with J. Poli has been a very positive experience; in our business, not all contractors are as reliable and trustworthy as your company!

We very much look forward to the opportunity to engage J. Poli in the near future, and we value the partnership which has resulted in successful projects and satisfied customers.

Michael Johnson
Project Manager

My first experience with J. Poli Inc. was in 1997 and based on that, I have continued to use them for 13 years as a Project Manager for Sony Electronics, Dormont Manufacturing Company and Seagate Technology. I have had to use other contractors over those years and have always been disappointed when I compared their work to J. Poli Inc. Everyone that came on site took ownership of the project and did an excellent job including offering suggestions, when necessary, to improve the overall project. J. Poli Inc. is the first contractor I call for a project and they are who I recommend to others for their projects. They are the best contractor in Pittsburgh.

Chris Tully
Engineering Manager
FLABEG Solar US Corp.

Flabeg Solar US Corporation first hired J. Poli Inc. in June of 2009 to provide equipment and manpower to unload freight containers containing our production equipment for our new manufacturing plant. We used them
for several months for this work and during that time, became aware of their other capabilities.

Since then, Flabeg has hired JPI to transport equipment, unload trucks and install our furnaces, a silvering line, robotic automation and many other pieces of equipment. We also contracted them to install all of our process piping including city water, deionized water, waste water, natural gas and compressed air.

We at Flabeg were so impressed with JPI?s quality of work and expertise in many areas, that we utilized them daily for more than eight months while we installed, started and tested our new equipment.

JPI has always been responsive to our needs. There have even been a few cases where we needed assistance the same day and they were able to respond within a few hours. The quality of their work and skill of their people have always been superb. They are one of the few vendors I have confidence in to complete a job on time and correctly the first time.

I highly recommend J. Poli for any industrial needs. Their pricing, quality and responsiveness are unparallel by other vendors. We are currently planning our second phase of production and are planning to utilize J. Poli for much of the installation.

Manager Purchasing & Capital Projects
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the work that you and your crews have been performing
at ATI/Allegheny Ludlum. It is nice to feel confident that any project assigned can be done with well qualified and diligent craftsmen. I have been in the Manufacturing Industry for over 20 years and I have seen several contractors perform jobs across different plants, and have had very few opportunities to work with such safety conscientious, professional employees as those of J. Poli Inc. J. Poli has the ability to see a job and get the job completed well within the specified timeframe and requires little supervision by our internal project managers.
I also appreciate the fact that they have the available resources to review the project at hand and make recommendations that would improve our current situation and make the changes relatively easy and flawlessly.
I would recommend J. Poli Inc. to anyone in the Manufacturing Industry who is looking for an overall well qualified supplier.

Jerry Lonergan
Manager of Engineering and Maintenance
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

We have worked with J. Poli Inc. since 2004 with great success. We have found that they excel at all aspects of industrial contracting. They handle large, heavy moving, rigging and construction work with the same skill and ability that they exhibit on delicate, high precision and tight tolerance work.

J. Poli personnel always arrive at the job site with all the tools need to do the job. They will always err on the side of caution by bringing more tools than they need instead of less.

Their combination of training, experience and precision instruments makes them the Pittsburgh area contractor
of choice when it comes to leveling and aligning precision industrial equipment.

They also partner with area engineering firms and can provide engineering services and analysis with these partners as part of a turnkey project.

Maintenance Supervisor
Allegheny Ludlum, Brackenridge-HSM

I just wanted to follow up with you about the 17/18 New Loftus Soaking Pit rebuild that you just completed in 8-2 for our July ?09 outage. As a whole, the project couldn?t have gone better. The aggressive timeline was met every step of the way. We were able to communicate very clearly with all the scope adjustments that were made in the short period we had to work with that included: additional slag pocket roof and South wall support repairs, and subtraction of 2 pieces of shell plate on the South and East walls. Tri-state was able to begin work in 18 Pit almost a full day early and they capitalized on every minute.

The prefabrications for the common wall between 17 and 18 Pit and the floor beam sections for 17 Pit fit with minimal field work. The craftsmanship in the shop and the field met, and in some cases, exceeded every expectation I have for these projects.

Finally, I?d like to thank you for your cooperation with the AL safety program. I was surprised that some of your standards were even tougher than ours. I don?t remember correcting a single individual and I heard lots of compliments from our safety representatives throughout the week and even after the completion of the project. The fall protection and confined space compliance was excellent and I plan to incorporate some of your practices and ideas with our in house down day work.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more business with you in the future.

Reliability Engineering Manager
Allegheny Ludlum, Midland, Pa

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work that you crews have been performing at the Allegheny Ludlum Midland DRAP Line. It?s nice to feel confident that any job assigned can be done with qualified and diligent craftsmen. I have been in the Industry for 18 years and performed jobs over several continents as a contractor and have had very few opportunities to work with tradesmen such as the employees of J. Poli. I would hope that we can continue to receive the quality of work with the competitive prices we are becoming accustomed to. I myself being a contractor for many years just thought it would be nice to let you know that you can be very proud and thankful of your employees.

Mark Darr
Plasma Center Operations Manager
Westinghouse Plasma Corporation

The work by J. Poli, Inc. was excellent and I appreciate the efforts when something didn?t fit as planned or needed to be added, and the acceptance/coordination of everyone involved made it work. I thank you and your people for all of your hard work and I hope we can again work together in the future.

Darin Pietrantoni
Plant Engineering Supervisor

This letter is to inform you of our working relationship with Peter Milan and J. Poli, Inc. We have been working with J. Poli, Inc. for over seven years now and we find their millwright service to be of the highest quality in the greater Pittsburgh area.

J. Poli, Inc. has provided us with expert service on new conveyor installations as well as helping us to maintain our existing conveyor systems. They can offer a highly competent workforce that is very efficient. In addition,
they perform in the safest manner under extreme working conditions, while still maintaining all the necessary compliance issues.
One of the many attributes I enjoy when working with the individuals representing J. Poli, Inc. is their ability to work almost completely unsupervised. They are more than willing to complete any job directed by the customer, but they are also not afraid to lend their expert opinions to make the final product even better for the end-user.

J. Poli?s owners are not afraid to provide their employees with the highest grade tools and equipment required
to complete any job. Everything from their work vehicles to their welders and hand-tools are always in expert working order indicating the highest level of professionalism.

Even though I have not seen an airport baggage transportation system in person, I believe that the same type
of conveying equipment is very similar. I also believe that J Poli, Inc. can provide you with the same outstanding service that they have provided for us since the very first day that our working relationship started.

David Rimbey
Equipment Engineering Manager
Sony Electronics, Inc.

In the past seven years I have had the positive experience of working with and completing several projects with J. Poli, Inc. These projects have ranged from large scale capital equipment installations to maintenance projects with very short windows of opportunity. Some of the equipment that they have installed or worked on includes Lehr Ovens, Exhaust Ovens, conveyor systems, robot systems, and various automated equipment for manufacturing cathode ray tubes all requiring high degrees of precision. In all cases, J. Poli, Inc. has achieved completion within the required work, schedule and budget scope.

While observing J. Poli, Inc. during these projects it became evident why they were able to achieve such a high rate of success. First and foremost the owners of the company have been highly accessible and have proven to be flexible to the needs of a 24 hour operation. They were intricately involved in all projects from planning to start up of the equipment. In a production environment that requires 24 hour operation this flexibility and accessibility is essential for success. Their staff continue to be available at any time and in doing so have contributed to reducing our downtime losses resulting in positive impacts to our overall business goals.

In addition to the owner?s commitment to improving our business, there are several other reasons that
J. Poli, Inc. is a valued vendor. On each of the projects they have provided highly skilled and trained workers with state of the art equipment. My experience with several different contractors has shown that they are equipped substantially more than most contractors and in turn are able to provide higher levels of service. Further, their safety record to date has been exemplary at our facility and has included no lost time accidents.

Another aspect of their organization that has led to their success has been their ability to work positively with other contractors and equipment manufacturers. The type of relationship that J. Poli, Inc. was able to establish with overseas and domestic equipment manufacturers has not been achieved by any other contractor. After each project we have a rating system that each of our contractors is subject to and they are consistently the first choice from our OEMs.

Due to their past performance and their willingness to help meet our business goals, J. Poli, Inc. will continue to perform a variety of maintenance, new equipment and construction projects for our organization. Their proven performance makes them a valued contractor for any organization.

Client List

JPI has partnered with many of the area’s most innovative industry leaders and is proud to be part of their success. Our valued relationships have given us the opportunity to lead and assist with an array of masterful projects that help build a better America. Please review our respected client list and we thank each for their continued trust and support.

Allegheny Ludlum
Consarc Corporation
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Elliott Turbomachinery
FAB Logistics
Flabeg Corporation
Koppel Steel
Latrobe Specialty Steel
Perryman Company
Quadrant EPP
Seagate Technology LLC
United Parcel Service
Westinghouse Plasma Corporation
RTI International Metals
McConway & Torley Corporation
Universal Stainless
DNP IMS America Corporation