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Equipment Installation


Survey and Layout

JPI understands the importance of precision survey and layout. We work with you to establish perfect center lines and elevations for all of your operating systems, equipment and building specifications. Our abilities include complete plant layout or evaluation of existing center lines and movement. Stability and proper alignment are critical factors that ensure the production of superior products and boost overall performance.

Foundations and Concrete

Our experienced team can offer numerous commercial concrete and foundation applications to include new or existing projects, full excavation services, repairs, slabs, trenches, equipment pits, saw cutting (up to 24” deep), core drilling (up to 48” diameter), anchors, crack injections and grouting.


J. Poli, Inc. has mastered the skills in various crafts to disconnect, disassemble, move, reassemble, align, connect and assist in the startup or relocation of your equipment. Additionally, we can prepare all necessary improvements to the facility to accommodate your needs. Our experience and unsurpassed attention to detail makes us your best choice for your sensitive equipment that only an expert should handle. JPI’s rigging capabilities: 400 tons per unit.

Structural Steel

Using an entire fleet of company owned cranes and rigging equipment, J. Poli, Inc. fabricates, installs and erects various structural steel components. JPI has successfully maneuvered major steel buildings, work platforms and complete structures from the ground up.